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A unique advisory service

Why we believe our service is unique

Our director is a tri-lingual English national and resident with many years’ experience of teaching in the private school system.


Criteria for our recommendations

We recommend only those schools which we know from their reputation and which we ourselves have visited

What do we do during our school visits?

During our school visits we tour the school sites looking at classrooms, music rooms, laboratories, art-rooms and drama facilities, sports facilities including playing grounds and swimming pools. We inform ourselves of the external examination results. We find out about the extra-curricular activities, award schemes and school trips and visit the students’ accommodation houses. While there we take the time to speak to teachers and students. We receive personal invitations to their events including  theatre productions which we are happy to accept.


The advantages to parents of our personal approach

All of this experience of the everyday life of our schools gives us a good insight into how they are run and the social values which are imprinted there. We can gather a real understanding of the ethos and atmosphere of the schools to allow parents to makes an informed choice on behalf of their children.

Our ongoing support for our students


We offer personal visits to students in their chosen schools and arrange to visit them at school shortly after they have taken up their places to reassure ourselves that they are happy and have settled in well in their new environment.

We are also available for further visits if these are required and are greatly interested in the progress our students make in their studies and the social sphere.

Guardian families

Each international student at an English boarding school will need a guardian family if their own family does not accompany them during their stay in England. We help to find such families for our students.

Understanding parents’ concerns

With our experience, insight and personal efforts we try to do everything that any parent would wish for their child in this situation.

Cost-free advice

All our advice is cost-free for parents.